Five Novels to Teach Character Traits for Upper Elementary

Five Novels for Teaching Character Traits

Make sure you read to the end for something you can use today! Start with Character Traits as Vocabulary Inferring character traits is one of the skills I love to start the year with. Fourth graders usually have some prior experience, which is helpful. The bonus is that it’s a

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5 Ways to Fit in Social Emotional Learning in your upper elementary classroom

5 Ways to Fit in SEL in Upper Elementary

Some links are Amazon affiliate links, which means they earn me a small commission at no cost to you. 🙂 Social Emotional Learning Made Easy Do you ever feel like if you get asked to cover one more topic in the limited time you have, your brain might explode? Me

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Text: Getting Started with the Science of Reading, Image: Stack of books

Getting Started with the Science of Reading

Science has always been my weakest subject. So when I first heard about the “science of reading,” I was skeptical, because a) anything involving science is usually harder for me to understand and b) trendy educational movements never last. Lucky Me I had the opportunity to take the LETRS course,

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Image: Excited teacher, text: Tips to Keep Students Engaged, engagement strategies that work

Engagement Strategies that Work

One time, while teaching a grammar lesson, a student pointed out to me, “Hey Mrs. Veise, your voice gets more excited when we’re learning something boring.” Yup. You got me. Not every topic is exciting. That’s why I’ve tried every different engagement trick I can think of to keep my

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Teacher covering head with hands while students talk in the background. Text: Help! My Class Won't Stop Talking! Strategies for getting your class back on track

Classroom Mangement: My class won’t stop talking

We’ve all had that class before. The one that never stops talking long enough to breathe.  Two things to consider before jumping the gun: Once you’re sure you’ve done what you can, then it’s onto more talking specific strategies for classroom management. Here’s a quick list of strategies I’ve used

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Theme Days in Upper Elementary Bats

Theme Days in Upper Elementary: Bats

Theme days are a great way to create cross-curricular connections and spark higher interest in lessons through the day. This is one of the ways I keep students engaged during any holiday season without excluding others. Halloween is one of those holidays not everyone celebrates. In the past few years,

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