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Image: Excited teacher, text: Tips to Keep Students Engaged, engagement strategies that work

Engagement Strategies that Work

One time, while teaching a grammar lesson, a student pointed out to me, “Hey Mrs. Veise, your voice gets more excited when we’re learning something boring.” Yup. You got me. Not every topic is exciting. That’s why I’ve tried every different engagement trick I can think of to keep my

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Theme Days in Upper Elementary Bats

Theme Days in Upper Elementary: Bats

Theme days are a great way to create cross-curricular connections and spark higher interest in lessons through the day. This is one of the ways I keep students engaged during any holiday season without excluding others. Halloween is one of those holidays not everyone celebrates. In the past few years,

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Students raising their hands in a classroom while teacher looks out. Text reads The Talking Ball: A solution to calling out in the classroom.

A classroom management solution to calling out

My first year of teaching was extremely stressful. Maybe you can remember that far back, or maybe you’re in the throes of your first year right now. Sometimes you feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end of the pool, but no one taught you how to swim. If

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Image: person holding apple in one hand and donut in other, Text: Incorporating student choice virtually, engagement made easy

The one about virtual student choice

Student engagement is extremely challenging while virtual. Not only are cameras off, but I’m battling the other internet tabs full of YouTube videos, their siblings’ teachers talking, mom and dad working from home, a barking dog, and their infant sister playing next to them. How do I get my students

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