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Five Novels to Teach Character Traits for Upper Elementary

Five Novels for Teaching Character Traits

Make sure you read to the end for something you can use today! Start with Character Traits as Vocabulary Inferring character traits is one of the skills I love to start the year with. Fourth graders usually have some prior experience, which is helpful. The bonus is that it’s a

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Writing Historical Fiction Narratives, boy writing in blank notebook

Writing Historical Fiction Narratives

It’s all about the setting when teaching how to write historical fiction narratives. Generally I like to teach this type of unit after exploring the elements of historical fiction (read about that activity here) and completing a novel study (more here). During the novel study, we start to truly see

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Comparing Digital and Print Writing Units

Comparing Digital vs. Print Writing for Upper Elementary

I’ve always been into tech while teaching. Usually I’m part of the tech committee or volunteering to learn new tech to share with faculty. I used Google Classroom and apps before the pandemic, pretty regularly.  Switching to ALL digital everything was still a challenge. We were virtual for almost a

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The one about teaching pre-writing strategies (Step 2)

Last time we talked about getting kids excited about writing and having them engaged, but now that you’ve sold them on writing, what’s next? Pre-writing strategies Pre-writing comes in so many different forms, and it’s a crucial step in the writing process. But how do you get kids started? Your

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