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Image: Clipart of a virtual meet with 16 students in grids on a computer screen, text: What can I do now? Seven Ideas for Virtual Early Finishers

The one with virtual Early Finisher Activities

In this new world of teaching, are there even early finishers? What does that look like? How can I implement this idea? For context, my school is completely virtual (right now). We have 4 synchronous learning blocks- math, language arts, science/social studies (alternating weeks), and flex (time to pull small

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The one about math fact practice with technology

We finally upgraded our laptops to Chromebooks this year. Our laptops were insanely old and had so many issues that I had practically given up using them. Now that we have our new Chromebooks, I’m in love with technology again! We are not 1:1, so I share a classroom cart of

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