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Teaching Poetry All Year Long, Image: Book sitting open outside with a flower

The one about teaching poetry all year

Poetry is to reading and writing what fractions are to math. Hear me out. So many teachers and students freak out just seeing the word. Everyone wants to be finished as quickly as possible. Some teachers even avoid the topic all year. Okay, so that’s more poetry because it’s hard

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Image: dog with glasses behind a pile of books, Text: Developing poetry readers and writers using love that dog, a verse novel

The one about engaged poetry readers and writers

It’s all about a dog. I mean, how can you look in those eyes and not fall desperately in love? This is why I loved creating a poetry unit for elementary around Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. First: gratuitous picture of my dog! ? Okay, but really, I’m here

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Image: poetry typed on a napkin with poetic terms around it, Text: Three Free Digital Poetry Resources

The one with digital poetry resources

We have been teaching virtually for almost a year now. How crazy is that? It’s just about time to get into poetry for third quarter. Poetry is my absolute FAVORITE genre of writing to teach. I like finding ways to read a little bit and write a little bit.  This

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