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Five Novels to Teach Character Traits for Upper Elementary

Five Novels for Teaching Character Traits

Make sure you read to the end for something you can use today! Start with Character Traits as Vocabulary Inferring character traits is one of the skills I love to start the year with. Fourth graders usually have some prior experience, which is helpful. The bonus is that it’s a

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Text: Getting Started with the Science of Reading, Image: Stack of books

Getting Started with the Science of Reading

Science has always been my weakest subject. So when I first heard about the “science of reading,” I was skeptical, because a) anything involving science is usually harder for me to understand and b) trendy educational movements never last. Lucky Me I had the opportunity to take the LETRS course,

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Using Choice Boards for Fiction Novel Study

Using Choice Board for Fiction Novel Studies

Why are choice boards such a big deal? I’ve shared before about how providing students with options helps with classroom management. It not only gives the students a sense of control, but it also provides major buy-in for completing each activity. Knowing they don’t need to do everything can also

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Analyze Setting Using Historical Fiction

Analyze setting using historical fiction

The beginning of teaching setting is just having students figure out the time and place of a story. By upper elementary grades (especially 4th and 5th), we’re ready for the deep dive into analyzing the role of the setting and how it affects the story.  Historical fiction is the best

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Integrate Reading and Writing Strategies for Upper Elementary

Integrate reading and writing in upper elementary

Combining subjects is a great way to gain more instruction time and help students to have a deeper understanding about a topic. It’s also going beyond just written response paragraphs to text based questions. If you have a limited time for teaching each subject, this integrated approach to reading &

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