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5 Ways to Fit in Social Emotional Learning in your upper elementary classroom

5 Ways to Fit in SEL in Upper Elementary

Some links are Amazon affiliate links, which means they earn me a small commission at no cost to you. 🙂 Social Emotional Learning Made Easy Do you ever feel like if you get asked to cover one more topic in the limited time you have, your brain might explode? Me

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Classroom out of control? Management reboot is here.

The one about rebooting classroom management

If you’ve been here for a minute, you know I take classroom management seriously. Maybe you took my free course to kickstart your classroom management at the beginning of the year. But it’s January and we’re wayyyy past the honeymoon phase. There are times throughout the school year when your

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The Morning Messages You Need and Three Reasons why these will change your classroom

The one about morning messages for upper elementary

Everyone needs to use morning messages in their classroom, upper elementary and beyond. The summer after I had the toughest class, I spent a ridiculous amount of time scouring social media for the best classroom management solution. I was determined not to deal with the same amount of stress the

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The one about new year’s virtual activities

Winter break is the longest break from school, so our return to school is always momentous and filled with anticipation in seeing each other again. Being virtual this year, our New Year’s activities will be a little different. UPDATE: Dec. 2021- These virtual activities still fit, even when we’re in person!

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