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Incorporate Student Choice: Person Sitting in a Thinking Pose

Incorporating Student Choice in Upper Elementary

A huge part of my relationship building is offering student choice. Kids often feel like their voices aren’t heard, and there are many parts of their day where they can’t make choices. By empowering my students in smaller ways, they’re able to have a voice, and they don’t fight me

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DIY Classroom Incentive

The one with simple DIY classroom incentives

As a type B teacher (and also as a part of my classroom philosophy), I like to think less is more. Most of the year, I’ve done a simple class incentive, FUN FRIDAY. We earn letters for working hard, persevering through a challenge, and being complimented by other adults in

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Classroom out of control? Management reboot is here.

The one about rebooting classroom management

If you’ve been here for a minute, you know I take classroom management seriously. Maybe you took my free course to kickstart your classroom management at the beginning of the year. But it’s January and we’re wayyyy past the honeymoon phase. There are times throughout the school year when your

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First Week Plans are Here for Back to School

The one with first week plans for back to school

Back to school is upon us, which means you have to wrack your brain to remember what you even did at the beginning of last year. Don’t stress! I’m ready to share my first week plans for upper elementary with you. Key elements to my plans: Establish classroom culture. Build

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The one about how to create interesting grammar lessons

Most people (including teachers!) hear the word “grammar” and start to cringe. It can be fairly dull and boring, and it seems like you’re teaching these kids the same stuff over and over. Plus, you teach all these “rules” and then you teach about all of these exceptions to the

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