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5 Ways to Fit in Social Emotional Learning in your upper elementary classroom

5 Ways to Fit in SEL in Upper Elementary

Some links are Amazon affiliate links, which means they earn me a small commission at no cost to you. 🙂 Social Emotional Learning Made Easy Do you ever feel like if you get asked to cover one more topic in the limited time you have, your brain might explode? Me

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First Week Plans are Here for Back to School

The one with first week plans for back to school

Back to school is upon us, which means you have to wrack your brain to remember what you even did at the beginning of last year. Don’t stress! I’m ready to share my first week plans for upper elementary with you. Key elements to my plans: Establish classroom culture. Build

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The one with time saver organization tips

I’m a solid type B (or C or D) teacher. It’s just not in me to be super organized. Knowing myself, I’ve found four simple systems that help me save time and stay a little more organized. Set these up at the beginning of the year and you’ll thank yourself

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