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The one about teaching writing while virtual

Teaching anything virtual is a challenge when you’re used to teaching in person. There’s the crazy will-they-or-won’t-they scenario for going back in person, scrambling to reinvent everything we’ve ever taught/used, and, well, you know. One subject that is especially challenging has been writing. Writing is a crucial skill, but it’s

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Image: person holding apple in one hand and donut in other, Text: Incorporating student choice virtually, engagement made easy

The one about virtual student choice

Student engagement is extremely challenging while virtual. Not only are cameras off, but I’m battling the other internet tabs full of YouTube videos, their siblings’ teachers talking, mom and dad working from home, a barking dog, and their infant sister playing next to them. How do I get my students

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Five Thanksgiving Activities for Upper Elementary

The one with Thanksgiving activities for upper elementary

After a lot of debate and turmoil since early October, rising Covid case numbers finally led my county to officially decide to remain virtual through January.    Now that I can officially plan virtual Thanksgiving activities for my fourth graders, I’m ready to share what we’re doing! 2021 Update: Even

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Image: Clipart of a virtual meet with 16 students in grids on a computer screen, text: What can I do now? Seven Ideas for Virtual Early Finishers

The one with virtual Early Finisher Activities

In this new world of teaching, are there even early finishers? What does that look like? How can I implement this idea? For context, my school is completely virtual (right now). We have 4 synchronous learning blocks- math, language arts, science/social studies (alternating weeks), and flex (time to pull small

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The one with Google Classroom organization

Google Classroom has been a staple for me the last few years. It’s a great tool to supplement our regular classroom routines, useful for projects, as a center rotation, and communication with students. When we went completely virtual in March, I was happy that we were using Google Classroom because

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The one with virtual classroom community building

Building relationships is a huge part of being a successful teacher. How does this work when I can’t have a community meeting on the carpet? Or I can’t greet my students at the doorway because we have to be socially distant? Or because we’re not even in school? How do

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