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Writing Historical Fiction Narratives, boy writing in blank notebook

Writing Historical Fiction Narratives

It’s all about the setting when teaching how to write historical fiction narratives. Generally I like to teach this type of unit after exploring the elements of historical fiction (read about that activity here) and completing a novel study (more here). During the novel study, we start to truly see

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Comparing Digital and Print Writing Units

Comparing Digital vs. Print Writing for Upper Elementary

I’ve always been into tech while teaching. Usually I’m part of the tech committee or volunteering to learn new tech to share with faculty. I used Google Classroom and apps before the pandemic, pretty regularly.  Switching to ALL digital everything was still a challenge. We were virtual for almost a

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Integrate Reading and Writing Strategies for Upper Elementary

Integrate reading and writing in upper elementary

Combining subjects is a great way to gain more instruction time and help students to have a deeper understanding about a topic. It’s also going beyond just written response paragraphs to text based questions. If you have a limited time for teaching each subject, this integrated approach to reading &

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Two students writing at a table with a map image behind them

The one with point of view activities and books

This post may contain some affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. You will never incur a fee or charge for this. Point of view can be a tricky topic to teach for reading and writing.

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Image: dog with glasses behind a pile of books, Text: Developing poetry readers and writers using love that dog, a verse novel

The one about engaged poetry readers and writers

It’s all about a dog. I mean, how can you look in those eyes and not fall desperately in love? This is why I loved creating a poetry unit for elementary around Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. First: gratuitous picture of my dog! ? Okay, but really, I’m here

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The one about teaching writing while virtual

Teaching anything virtual is a challenge when you’re used to teaching in person. There’s the crazy will-they-or-won’t-they scenario for going back in person, scrambling to reinvent everything we’ve ever taught/used, and, well, you know. One subject that is especially challenging has been writing. Writing is a crucial skill, but it’s

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Image: Clipart of a virtual meet with 16 students in grids on a computer screen, text: What can I do now? Seven Ideas for Virtual Early Finishers

The one with virtual Early Finisher Activities

In this new world of teaching, are there even early finishers? What does that look like? How can I implement this idea? For context, my school is completely virtual (right now). We have 4 synchronous learning blocks- math, language arts, science/social studies (alternating weeks), and flex (time to pull small

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Narrative Writing with Mysteries

The one about teaching the mystery genre through writing

I hope you’ve been following along with the great journey through our entire mystery unit. First, my Detective Mission got my students engaged and excited. Then we watched a little Scooby Doo to reinforce our detective skills. Most recently, my class was split into two groups, reading mystery novels while

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