The one about 2010

5 years ago…that seems like so far away right now!

5 years ago…was 2010.

I was 23. It was the summer of my 5 year high school reunion. (This year will be our 10th!) Here’s a pic from 2010’s reunion (I’m bottom right-we were such babies!):

I was in-between houses, crashing at my parents’ house before completing my move from the suburbs into the city Baltimore. I didn’t even have a job teaching yet…that would come the day AFTER I signed my lease for the cutest littlest house in Canton. That house now has 2 years of memories (lots of macaroni and cheese and wine). My former roommate (also a teacher!) and I are still very close- she was one of my bridesmaids!

After moving into that house, I would meet my neighbors next door, one of whom was my future husband. A momentous occasion in 2010 that I didn’t even realize was so important back then!

SO much changed that year, but it was definitely a meaningful year when I made some lasting friendships and met my dream guy, the-boy-next-door.

In another five years…maybe I will….be a mom? A WAHM? Still blogging? Still teaching college? Live in the suburbs? Have another dog (one is never enough, even though I love my muppy!)? The possibilities are exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!

I’m linking up this post with some other amazing teachers, starting with Monica from I Heart Grade 3. Check out more blast from the past posts by clicking on the link.

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