The one about writing (Step 4: Publishing)

This is the most satisfying step in the writing process- publishing! And we made it!

Missed our earlier steps? Check my earlier posts for 

I’m so excited for this part- and your kids are excited too! Publishing can happen in many different forms and it’s great to celebrate what you’ve worked hard to create.

What are some different ways to publish writing?
Students should know what publishing is and really want to put forth their best efforts. It’s great when you’re able to use a variety of methods. 

  • Write final copies- practice using good handwriting and really put special effort into their writing.
  • Type into Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or another typing program. Students practice typing skills and can manipulate size and font.
  • Create a website. Use Google Sites to create a class website and fill it with the publishable pieces.

How can you celebrate with a publishing party?
Everyone loves to share what they wrote. I like to give my students options for how to share- from their seat, standing up at their desk, standing in the front of the room, or having a classmate read it for them (this especially helps out the shy students!). Add a little something to bring your publishing party to the next level.

  • Scary stories: use a flashlight and turn out the lights. Read the stories like campfire stories.
  • Poetry: create a coffeehouse- use a microphone (real or play!), have some hot chocolate and donuts for a treat.
  • Research projects: create art work that matches your project and set up your classroom like an art gallery. You now have a museum of fine arts!

Invite another class, or parents, to make it a larger celebration. Your students are going to be so excited and to share their work, and they love to know you want to celebrate them too! Enjoy everyone’s success!

How do you like to celebrate your students’ writing?

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