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The one about how to create interesting grammar lessons

Most people (including teachers!) hear the word “grammar” and start to cringe. It can be fairly dull and boring, and it seems like you’re teaching these kids the same stuff over and over. Plus, you teach all these “rules” and then you teach about all of these exceptions to the

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Christmas Activities for Third Fourth Fifth grade

The one with Christmas activities for upper elementary

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! There are only 7 weeks until Christmas… which means it’s time to start planning for some of my favorite lessons.  Here are seven of my favorite Christmas-themed activities with a couple freebies so you can try them in your classroom!  1. Wreath

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The one about writing (Step 4: Publishing)

This is the most satisfying step in the writing process- publishing! And we made it!Missed our earlier steps? Check my earlier posts for  how to engage students and get them excited about writing using pre-writing organizers (free!) all about writing conference I’m so excited for this part- and your kids are excited too!

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End of the Year activities for the classroom

The one with End of Year Tips & Activities

Can you believe it? The end of the year is soooooooooo soon. We came back from spring break (which was earlier than usual this year) and I was shocked to find there were less than 50 teaching days left. How am I going to fit it all in? What can

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The one about teaching writing (Step 3: Writing Conferences)

So far, we’ve gotten students engaged here and we’ve done all of the pre-writing organizing here…now it’s time for writing conferences. You as the teacher need to meet with students and the students need to meet with their peers also. Here’s the thing about writing conferences…they take time. Some are longer

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The one about teaching pre-writing strategies (Step 2)

Last time we talked about getting kids excited about writing and having them engaged, but now that you’ve sold them on writing, what’s next? Pre-writing strategies Pre-writing comes in so many different forms, and it’s a crucial step in the writing process. But how do you get kids started? Your

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