The one about my talents

This week’s topic for the weekly summer link up with Monica at I Heart Grade 3 is all about talents…so I’m trying to figure out two of my talents. 

The first one is easy (and none of my friends will be surprised by this)- BAKING! I LOVE to bake. I like to cook also, but baking is something I can safely say that I’m very good at. I have several Pinterest boards that I like to pull ideas from and I’m always volunteering to bring cookies, cupcakes, or some other concoction to a party. I’m very well-known for saying that baking is the only science I understand. Here are a few of my baking adventures:

An American flag cake for 4th of July

Mini apple pies…just because 🙂

Watermelon-colored chocolate chip cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Now for my second talent… perhaps my creativity, because I just love making things. My mother always liked to say that I just like making a mess, but I promise- great things come from my messes! Baking is one of those things, but I’m always crafting- at home and in the classroom with my kids. Here are a few at-home crafts: 

Picture of Hedwig on top of some Hogwarts books (photo is a little dark)
Homemade Brownies in a Jar for my room mothers one year

Repurposed wine bottles & corks, all dressed up for the holidays
Changed what used to be my wedding sign into this cute chalkboard Christmas wine sign

Now I have an itch to bake something delicious and then craft after…

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