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Summer Reading Goals for Upper Elementary


My number one goal every year is to make more kids readers. I love books and I wholeheartedly agree with this quote: “There’s no such thing as someone who hates reading. It just means they haven’t found the right book.”

 Heading into summer, kids only want to be done with school. So how do I keep up the positive reading vibes into the summer? We make reading goals! 


First, we talk about the fun things we want to do over the summer. Sometimes we even make a bucket list. When I share mine, it always includes books to read, which is unsurprising to my students. 


Together, we talk about book goals and what kinds of books they like again. I usually tell them what my goal for books for the summer is (usually about one per week). I’ll also share with them any novels they might want to read that are on my TBR list. This helps them with some titles or authors when they’re not sure what they want to read. Plus, I remind them about the books we read aloud over the school year to give them ideas for authors, series, and genres they might like.


One super important step is reminding them where and how they can read books over the summer, since I won’t be able to shove books into their hands constantly! Library, Goodwill, Thriftbooks, yard sales, little free libraries, bookstores, and (everyone’s fave) Amazon. 


Want to get your students started with setting summer reading goals? Snag this goal setting and tracker sheet to get started!


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