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I’m linking up with Farley from Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for the first time 🙂

Listening: I love beaches and I’ve been getting into HGTV. Watching all of the renovation shows is addicting. Hubby and I are looking to redo our bathroom and this is giving me so many ideas!

Loving: Tana French was introduced to me last December through a book club friend. The Secret Place is her fifth (and last) book. I hope she’s working on more because I love this murder mystery series. It’s different from everything I’ve read- dark & twisty (think Gillian Flynn) and features a new main character from the Dublin Murder Squad each time. 

Thinking:  My best friend lives in Florida and I live in Maryland. This means we don’t get to hang out a whole lot. I’m SUPER excited that I’m going to see her this upcoming Friday!!! I cannot stop thinking about it 🙂

Wanting: Summer has been about a LOT of yummy foods (especially ice cream!). It’s so hard to eat healthy!

Needing: Running is what balances out all of my eating. I have no problem running several miles when it means I can eat more of that tempting ice cream 😉

All Star: I’ve been doing a lot of planning- my upcoming Florida trip, my road trip vacation with the hubs at the end of the month, this brand new blog, an exciting social media initiative with my PA TPT friends, and more TPT projects to work on. Planning, planning, planning…

Time to get back to all of that planning…

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